About the District Attorney's Office

The Henry County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes all felony crimes that occur in Henry County (the Flint Judicial Circuit). This includes violations of law that occur in unincorporated Henry County, as well as the cities of McDonough, Stockbridge, Hampton and Locust Grove. District Attorney Darius Pattillo and his staff are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards while working to bring justice to the State of Georgia. This includes thoroughly investigating all felony cases, presenting cases to the Grand Jury, and prosecuting all felony cases through both pleas and trials in the Henry County Superior Court.

The office is comprised of several assistant district attorneys, investigators, victim advocates and legal assistants. The victim advocates are tasked with ensuring that victims of crimes receive up-to-date information on their cases, as well as understand the criminal justice process.

The District Attorney’s Juvenile Division seeks to rehabilitate youthful offenders in Juvenile Court. The District Attorney’s Office also represents the State of Georgia in all criminal convictions that are appealed to the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court. In addition, the office is tasked with prosecuting parents of children who fail to pay child support, as well managing asset forfeiture cases for the State of Georgia.


Stockbridge man convicted in love triangle murder

MCDONOUGH, GA – A Stockbridge man will spend life in prison plus 65 years after a jury convicted him of murdering his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. A Henry County jury returned a guilty verdict Friday afternoon against James Blake McAllister, 41, after deliberating for about three hours. McAllister was convicted of one count of malice murder,...

McDonough man sentenced for slumber party molestation

MCDONOUGH, GA – A McDonough man pled guilty today to molesting a child at a sleepover at a friend’s house. Andrew Bartles, 33, entered a guilty plea in Henry County Superior Court today to a charge of aggravated sexual battery. As part of the plea, he was sentenced to 25 years with the first 10...

Man sentenced to life for robbing Outback Steakhouse employees

MCDONOUGH, GA – A Henry County man will spend his life in prison for robbing multiple employees at the Outback Steakhouse in Stockbridge. A Henry County jury returned a guilty verdict against Joseph Yarn Thursday night after deliberating for three days. Henry County Superior Court Judge Pandora E. Palmer sentenced Yarn to six concurrent life...