Henry County man convicted of domestic violence crash

MCDONOUGH, GA – A Henry County man will spend the next 25 years in prison for ramming his pickup truck into his fiancée and another woman’s vehicle in a string of domestic violence incidents.

A Henry County jury returned a guilty verdict Friday night against Jamie Fenn, 42, for two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of criminal damage to property in the first degree, two counts of criminal trespass, and one count of hit and run.

Superior Court Judge Pandora E. Palmer sentenced Fenn to 40 years with the first 25 years in prison, family violence intervention program classes, and no contact with the victims.

The jury found that Fenn was in a jealous rage on April 24, 2021 when he repeatedly called his fiancée and then waited for her at the entrance to their McDonough subdivision, blocking the road with his pickup truck. When she approached, he then got out of his vehicle, smashed her window with his fist, and broke her cell phone.

The fiancée and her friend tried to back up and go around Fenn, but he then climbed back into his truck and accelerated directly at the women’s vehicle, striking it, and causing it to spin into a neighboring yard. Police say the airbags saved the two women’s lives. Fenn then left his totaled truck in the driveway and hid in the woods.

Jurors also heard evidence that Fenn had previously pled guilty to domestic violence charges for assaulting two other women.

“You have had a pattern of abuse that has continued for years. You have engaged in power and control over your victims for years,” the judge told Fenn during his sentencing. “I am not going to allow this pattern to continue.”

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Selwin Patterson and Megan Matteucci.



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